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Autopilot Controller

  • autopilot controller for flight simulators

  • compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 11

  • USB connection

  • generic layout works with most aircraft

  • quickly make autopilot adjustments without changing virtual cockpit view

$215.00 USD
(plus shipping)


No longer available

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There are currently no plans to produce
any more of this product.


  • separate knobs and displays for speed, heading, altitude, and vertical speed

  • buttons light up to show mode

  • programming software (Mobiflight, free) allows full customization of button mapping by user.

  • 3D printed enclosure

Compatible Aircraft

This device can work with any aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator or X-Plane 11. However, aircraft-specific profiles have been developed for the following planes:

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Screenshot 2022-03-27 152253.png

  Default / Asobo Aircraft | G1000

Screenshot 2022-03-27 152532.png

  FBW A32NX | Headwind A330

Screenshot 2022-03-27 153558.png

  Aerosoft CRJ | all variants

Screenshot 2022-04-09 135927.jpg

  Working Title CJ4 | Cessna Citation

X-Plane 11

XP11 Generic.jpeg

  Default Aircraft | Generic

Zibo 737.png

  ZIBO 737-800

Don't see your aircraft?

Other profiles are currently in development and more are planned.

You can also make your own custom profile!

Technical Details

System Requirements


  • Width: 8.7" (221 mm)

  • Height: 3.4" (86 mm)

  • Depth: 2.5" (64 mm)

    • 3.4" (85 mm) with knobs


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